Our Arepas Brunch is Back!

Our Arepas Brunch is back! For those that don't know what arepas are. They are round and flat corn cakes that are slightly crusty on the outside, soft inside and filled with toppings such as cheese, hogao (refried tomatoes and onions sauce), guacamole, chorizo (or vegan sausage), Shredded beef. There are a staple in Colombian cuisine as a breakfast or snack.

Arepas are Gluten-Free.

Now they are back every Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m, among other treats such as empanadas and patacones. We also serve Spirit Drinks, Beer and Bloody Mary's. 

Stop by and try our delicious brunch over the weekend.Arepa with cheese, beans and maduritos